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    12 February at 20:02 from atlas

    It is exciting to be able to announce the launch dates for Pasta, Prayer and Promise, the Story of Nelson's Italian Community 1860-2014. 

    Follow the journey of Nelson's Italians as they left their homeland for the promise of a new life in New Zealand. From the miners lured by the call of gold to the market gardeners who grew a living in the city's soils, learn how the Italian influence helped shape the settlement of Nelson.

    Uncover tales of lost gold reefs, a forgotten fishing community, the effect of Italians being classed as enemy aliens in their adopted country in World War II, through to the embrace of all things Italian - food, culture, music and festivals. This is the colourful history behind Nelson's own Little Italy which continues to flourish today.

    Pasta, Prayer and Promise has been a joint research and writing effort by Karen Price and myself and we can't wait to hold a copy of it in our hands and to share the Italian community's fabulous story with you. 

    The books have been printed in Hong Kong and are currently being bound.  When finished, they will take a slow boat from China and be in New Zealand ready to be released at a series of book launches in Nelson and Wellington in early May.

    The Italian community will celebrate with a private launch at Club Italia on Saturday 2 May but the public is invited to attend a second launch at the Nelson Provincial Museum on Tuesday 5 May (time to be confirmed).  On Friday 8 May, another public launch will be held at Club Garibaldi in Wellington. If you are interested in attending the public launches in Nelson or Wellington, please get in touch.

    Pasta, Prayer and Promise,the Story of Nelson's Italian Community 1860-2014, by Karen Price and Karen Stade, is a hard cover, 450 page book with dust jacket and will sell for $55.  We welcome pre-orders.  Don't miss out - order yours now.


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